Oscar Winning Anime Movie ‘The Boy and The Heron’ Soars into Indian Cinemas

In a move that has animated film enthusiasts across India buzzing with excitement, the Oscar-winning anime masterpiece “The Boy and The Heron” is set to grace Indian cinemas. Directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, this enchanting tale has already captivated audiences worldwide and is now ready to cast its spell on the Indian subcontinent.

A Cinematic Gem Arrives

“The Boy and The Heron,” which bagged the prestigious Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, hits the screens on May 10, 2024. This release is not just a treat for anime fans but also signifies a cultural exchange, bringing the nuanced storytelling of Japanese animation to a diverse Indian audience.

The Story That Touched Hearts

The film tells the poignant story of a young boy, Mahito Maki, who, after the tragic loss of his mother, embarks on a mystical journey guided by a talking heron. This narrative is not just a fantasy adventure but also a deeply personal one, as it mirrors aspects of Miyazaki’s own childhood during the second world war.

A Release Met with Anticipation

The announcement of the film’s release was made official by PVR cinemas on their Instagram page, igniting a wave of anticipation among the Indian fans who have been eagerly waiting to experience Miyazaki’s magic on the big screen

Warner Bros. India, along with distributor Encore Films, has confirmed that the film will be available in both Japanese with English subtitles and English-dubbed versions.

A Testament to Miyazaki’s Legacy

Hayao Miyazaki, a name synonymous with the finest in animation, has once again proven his mettle with “The Boy and The Heron.” The film’s release in India is not just a milestone for Studio Ghibli but also a testament to Miyazaki’s enduring legacy and his ability to weave stories that transcend cultural boundaries.


As “The Boy and The Heron” prepares for its Indian premiere, it stands as a beacon of the universal language of cinema. It is a reminder that great stories, much like the heron’s flight, know no borders. Indian cinemas are all set to welcome this Oscar-winning anime, and with it, a piece of cinematic history.

This article encapsulates the excitement and significance of “The Boy and The Heron’s” release in Indian cinemas. The film’s journey from Japanese shores to the heart of India is a testament to the global appeal of Miyazaki’s storytelling and the power of animation to connect with audiences across the world.

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