How To Watch Pokémon Online Officially in India


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Hello friends! If you are a big fan of Pokémon and if you want to watch episodes and movies of Pokémon online, so we have a good news for you. Here we will give you full information about how to watch Pokémon online Officially in India.

Where can you watch Pokémon online Officially in India :-

Friends, you can watch Pokémon online on two official platforms first is YouTube and second is Voot Kids APP. 

Pokémon India's official YouTube channel Pokémon Asia Official (Hindi) is streaming the latest season of Pokémon that is Pokémon Journeys: The Series (Season 23) in Hindi.

And Friends Pokémon India has already announced that they will also upload these episodes in Tamil, Telugu, Bengali Languages.

Pokémon India Posted that :- 


... In addition to Hindi, dubbed versions in Tamil and Telugu, as well as Bengali, which will be a first for the Pokémon animated series, are now in the works, so stay tuned as the world of Pokémon continues to evolve in India.

Voot Kids is streaming 21 Pokémon Movies and 11 Pokémon Seasons online in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu.

How To Watch Pokémon on YouTube APP :-

Step 1 : Search "Pokémon Asia Official (Hindi)" in YouTube APP or your browser.


You can see the search results 👇

Step 2 : Subscribe Pokémon Asia Official (Hindi) YouTube Channel And Watch Pokémon Episodes Online For Free.


Step 3 : To Watch Pokémon Journeys: The Series in Sequence Use This 👇 Playlist :- 


Friends! We hope that we will be able to watch all episodes and movies of Pokémon in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and more languages soon on This YouTube Channel. 

How To Watch Pokémon on Voot Kids APP :-

Step 1 : Download Voot Kids APP 

To download VootKids just go to Google Play Store and search "Voot Kids" and install it or click on the "DOWNLOAD" button below 👇


Step 2 : Open the app and to continue please enter the given numbers below.

Step 3 : If you are using Voot Kids for the first time you should register to proceed via your Mobile Number or Facebook or Google Account. If you have already an account then login with that.

Step 4 : You can select any plan or you can also enjoy your favorite toons for free by tapping "SUBSCRIBE LATER" button. 

Step 5 : Now create your Profile type your name without spaces, select your age group, create your Avatar and the most important select your favorite Toons and Anime.

And then you will be able to watch your favorite Toons and Anime.

You can also create multiple profiles on your same account. 

You can see the screenshots taken in Voot Kids APP by me 👇

List of all Pokémon Movies those are available on the Voot Kids APP :- 

New episodes has been added on Voot Kids APP. 

If you don’t find Pokémon on Home Page in the APP then you can search "Pokémon" and Watch it. You can see there are total 11 Seasons of Pokémon available on Voot Kids.

How to Change Language and Quality :- 

To change Language and Quality of Video first Pause your video and go to settings in the video. Here you can change language and video quality. 

Friends! here one bad thing is some of the videos are Premium (like All Pokémon Movies and some episodes) so we can't watch them without subscription. Let's hope that these Videos get rid of this condition soon and anyone can watch them easily. Write down your thoughts about this and related to Pokémon in "POST A COMMENT" Section. 

About Voot Kids India : Indian media joint venture Viacom18 launched Voot Kids in November 2019. The children's platform offers audio-visual content, eBooks, audiobooks, and interactive educational content. The content on the platform is acquired through "partnerships with Nickelodeon, Oxford University Press, WarnerMedia, Green Gold, BBC's CBeebies, TV Asahi, Sony Music, Hasbro, Mattel, and Lego" amongst many others.

Source: Voot Kids' Twitter account, website and Application. Pokémon India's Facebook Page and Pokémon Asia Official (Hindi) YouTube Channel. 

Author: Mohit Gaur 

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