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On August 18, Pokemon Presents' livestream revealed that Pokemon Unite will be released on mobile devices on September 22. It has also been confirmed that crossplay will be available with Nintendo Switch players.

Pokemon Unite is becoming increasingly popular, with the game being updated regularly even though it's only recently come out.

Those who couldn't play the game on Nintendo Switch had been impatiently awaiting news of when it would be released on mobile.

Thankfully, the livestream revealed that fans will only have to wait one more month to play on iOS and Android.

Some fans are nervous that new players won't stand much of a chance against the Nintendo Switch veterans who have been playing the game since it first came out.

Of course, it shouldn't take long for players on mobile to get the hang of things and hold their own in a crossplay match.

A few other interesting things were announced about Pokemon Unite alongside its release date for mobile.

New Pocket Monsters will soon be added to the game, including the likes of Mamoswine and Sylveon.

Additionally, pre-registration is available for mobile device players. There will potentially be some form of reward for players that pre-register for the game.

At long last, next month will bring the arrival of Pokemon Unite on iOS and Android. The game is sure to become even more popular now that so many more people have the opportunity to play.

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Author: Mohit Gaur