Hello Friends , I am Prashant Gaur and You are most welcome in Toon World .Here You Will Get All Extra Appearances Of Perman .

Take a Look :-

Perman With Doraemon - Doraemon Birthday Special :-  
(Appearance of Perman in the opening and ending of this video) 

Nobita Meets Sumire :-

Perman + Doraemon - End of Year Special (31 Dec 2016) :-

Doraemon Episode - A Gadget that makes you Perman :-

Perman Special Episode 01 - Perman All Assemble

Perman Special Episode 02 - Road to the Planet Bird  

Perman Special Episode 03 - The Mystery of The Copy World   

Perman Special Video

Perman Special Song to draw Perman

Perman Special Song (Pa Pa Pa) 

Perman Ending Japanese Theme Song

Perman Long Opening Theme Song

Perman Short Opening Theme Song

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